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  • UGI-IGU Paris - 18-22 July 2022

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  • The International Geographic Union will reach its 100th anniversary in 2022. To celebrate this creation, the evolution of the discipline over the last century, and its contemporary and future significance, the French Committee of Geography (CNFG) is organizing an extraordinary conference, gathering geographers from all the continents. The Paris 2022 UGI Centennial Congress will take place between July 18 and July 22 2022. The event will be organised in venues epitomising the living heart of geography in the city: Sorbonne, Institut de Géographie, Société de Géographie.

    Contemporary geography has managed to borrow various features from the different social and natural sciences to modernize its approaches while remaining a science of space. This has led to the blossoming of works in diverse fields, which are providing key elements for the understanding of the complexity and uncertainties of our world and their evolutions at different scales.
  • Being at the interfaces between urban planning, environment, sociology, risk studies, geomatics and many more fields, geographers have elaborated tools to read and organise spaces and articulate this with the transformations of societies. Through this, contemporary geography is accompanying societies in the analysis of and projection on the future developments of our spaces.

    The local organisation committee is proud and happy to organise the celebration of this anniversary of UGI in Paris. As a world city, a home for culture, education and science, Paris will host this centennial congress in its most prestigious university, la Sorbonne, offering thereby an exceptional event and plenty of opportunities for geographers from around the globe.

    The 2022 Paris IGU International Congress is an occasion to gather scientific talents from all over the world and to further cultivate dialogue between geographies and societies. Keynote addresses, scientific presentations as well as various social meetings organised during the Congress will flesh out these high-rank debates.

    Let’s make this geographical moment of the summer 2022 a memorable stage for the world geography! May this geographical time widen dialogues between geography and society and reaffirm the significance of the geographical approach for our time!

    "Dear colleagues,
    It is a great honor for the French National Committee of Geography (CNFG) to have been chosen to organize the Centennial Congress of the International Geographical Union. Despite the uncertainties, we are making every effort, together with the Local Organizing Committee, to ensure that this historic celebration will also be an opportunity for our entire community to come together, and that the "time of geographers" will also be a time for a return to "face-to-face" gatherings. This event is all the more important for us, as it will bring to a close the "Year of Geography" in France, punctuated by multiple events with, among others, the bicentenary of the Geographical Society, and the centennials of the Association of French Geographers and the CNFG. This is why, whatever the means used, we will be happy to welcome you in the amphitheaters of the Sorbonne and the Institute of Geography and we hope to see many of you in Paris in July 2022!
    See you soon,"
    Amaël Cattaruzza, Chair of the CNFG

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