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  • Do you want to be one of the sponsors of the extraordinary Congress of the International Geographical Union? If you are interested in having a stand during the event, if you want to increase your visibility through add-ons advertising in the communication material of the congress, or if you want to support without commercial counterpart this unique moment of dialogue between geography and society: we have a solution for you. Various sponsor packages are available according to your level of financial commitment.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or to obtain the sponsorship prospectus at the following email address: partenariats@ugiparis2022.org

    The extraordinary Paris 2022 Centennial Congress of the International Geographic Union will take place between July 18 and July 22 2022 and its main theme will be “Time for geographers”.To celebrate this creation, discuss the evolution of the discipline over the last century, and its contemporary and future significance for our societies and territories, the French Committee of Geography (CNFG) is organizing an extraordinary conference, gathering geographers and decision makers from all the continents. This conference is uniquely positioned for sponsors to interact with more than 2,000 people coming from more than 80 countries, discuss the most up-to-date research on geography and its applications and increase their visibility within the geographical community.

    This UGI Paris 2022 Congress is not only an anniversary, but also a congress on and for the future of the discipline and the geographers. As such, it will focus on the impact on geography on our societies and territories: urban and regional planning, environment, public policies, cartographical technologies, geolocations, networks, mobility, etc.

    Can you imagine a better place than Paris to celebrate such an anniversary? As a world city, home of culture, education and science, Paris will host this centennial Congress in its most prestigious world-wide known university, la Sorbonne, offering an exceptional event with plenty of opportunities for participants, sponsors and partners.
    More than 2,000 people are expected, gathering various audiences:
     IGU congress regulars: researchers
     Historic and recent partners of the IGU: international scientific associations, in cartography, geomorphology, etc.
     International and national institutions: UNESCO, ISC, etc.
     National and local political leaders
     Companies and professionals linked with geography, urban and regional planning, imagery, environment, public policies
     Academic societies, national and international disciplinary and interdisciplinary committees
     Students associations
     NGOs of geography hobbyists
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